Personalized Joint Preservation

For patients with isolated osteoarthritis of the patellofemoral joint, the Episealer Patellofemoral System consists of personalized implants on both femur and patella, preserving as much bone as possible by treating only the damaged areas of the joint.

Damage Marking Report and Final Design

Serving as an adjunctive patient selection tool, Episurf provides surgeons with a report that shows the cartilage condition in the knee and any other relevant findings from the MRI, so that you can ensure you are selecting the right surgery for the patient.



Femoral Component

The femoral Episealer component (“Femoral Component”) is made of a cobalt-chromium alloy (Co-Cr-Mo). The part of the Femoral Component that is countersunk in the bone and cartilage is coated with titanium that provides a rough surface aiding initial stability. The Femoral Component can be either of a circular shape, or with an elongated shape formed by two overlapping circles.

Patellar Component

The Patellar Component is made of Vitamin E enhanced Ultra-  High-Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE).





Personalized Instruments

Each implant comes with a personalized instrument set,  designed uniquely for each patient to ensure an ideal fit of the  implant. The unique combination of the Epiguide and the Drilling socket and Adjustment socket allows for high precision in the depth adjustment, resulting in full control over the depth of the bone bed during the procedure.

The Episealer Patellofemoral System is cleared for sale in the United States. Please contact us if you have questions regarding availability in other countries, as product availability is subject to local regulations.

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